Photographer living with Stargardt disease.

Vision: 20/200 Imagination: 20/20

Mission: The mission of Aaron Shafer Photography is to help businesses of Southwest Michigan reach their full operating potential through the impact of supreme images for marketing collateral. The promise of Aaron Shafer Photography to businesses and individuals, is that projects of all sizes will be created with the highest degree of excellence and integrity. Ultimately, the hope of my business is that through my passion of photography, I may be able to inspire individuals who are also challenged by something they cannot control, persevere to achieve goals no matter what barriers stand before them.












Aaron began his study of photography in early 2014 and quickly learned to cherish his lens as both a new tool for creativity, as well as a literal extension of his eyes. In November 2007, Aaron was diagnosed with Stargardt disease, a condition that causes blindness in the central field of vision. Since his diagnosis, Aaron's visual acuity has reduced to roughly 20/200 & he is considered to be legally blind. Developing unique skills with his camera, Aaron has learned how to capture precise moments of action sports based on rhythm and sound. Everything Aaron has learned about photography has developed from experimentation, collaboration with other artists, and independent research. From 2014 to 2015, Aaron traveled from New York City to Los Angeles to shoot during Dirty Waters II, a local film distributed across the US. During February and March 2016, Aaron traveled across Quebec with Ambition Snowskates creating content for an article released by RedBull. Currently, Aaron is growing his portfolio by collaborating with musicians, dancers, and models as he establishes a photography business in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan.